Waimarino Recycling Transfer Station & Secondhand Store

Working Towards Zero Waste 2040

Ethical Waste is a social and environmental enterprise business that is working with the Ruapehu district to reach their target of “Zero Waste by 2040”. We are transforming the transfer station into a Resource Recovery Center with an awesome secondhand store that contains items that were destined for landfill.

We have raised employment from 2 people to 5 people within 1 year. Through the new jobs being generated along with education, we are on our way to reaching the Zero Waste 2040 target.

Opening Hours

Summer (1st October-31st June)

  • Mon    8am-3pm
  • Tue      8am-3pm
  • Wed    8am-3pm
  • Thu     Closed
  • Fri       8am-3pm
  • Sat      8am-3pm
  • Sun     8am-3pm  ​

Winter (1st July- 31st September)

  • Mon to Thu   8am-3pm
  • Fri, Sat and Sun  8am-5pm​

Visit Us Us Today At 36 Old Station Road, Ohakunek!

What We Do

How We Help

Diversion Rates

Ethical Waste Secondhand Store

Ethical Waste are gate keepers that stands in front of the Landfill waste stream then develop a Secondhand store with it.

Ethical Waste saves items that can be reused or recycled for you.

The kids love the variety and unknown of what they might find. While you walk down memory lane as you see items that remind you of good times gone by.

It’s also a Home renovators savior with a place to bring good unwanted items and a place to find what you can’t buy at other shops.

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Additional Information

Waimarino Transfer station is Located at the same address for all your household waste streams

Some examples :

Recycling, Landfill, Green waste, E-Waste, Scrap Metal and Reusable items

For information regarding waste items accepted and prices to dispose of waste items. Please visit the Ruapehu District website.